Required Gear
Required Highland Park Soo Bahk Do Gear


A traditional korean uniform is worn for each and every class at Highland Park Soo Bahk Do. The uniform is a symbol of tradition and discipline in our art. We wear our uniforms with pride and change them appropriately with each rank promotion that we achieve (White, Orange, Green, Red and Black). The uniform can be purchased at the Rising Sun Martial Arts Supply and the patches purchased from Jack Kelly Sa Bom Nim.
Item Image Description
Uniform (Black Belt Uniform shown) Black Belt Uniform Traditional korean uniform worn in all Soo Bahk Do schools. Ranks of green and red have their lapels trimmed. Ranks of black have their lapels and sleeves trimmed.
Belt (Black Belt shown) Black Belt Traditional korean belt worn in all Soo Bahk Do schools. Ranks of White, Orange, Green, and Red all have their appropriate colored belt for their ranks.
Federaion Patch Federation Patch Moo Duk Kwan patch worn by all practitioners. This patch is placed on the left side of the uniform right over you heart.
School Patch HPSBD Patch Highland Park Soo Bahk Do Patch worn by all practitioners of HPSBD. This patch is placed on the left sleeve of the uniform and is visible from the direct front.


Sparring gear is required for sparring training at Highland Park Soo Bahk Do. The following gear is there for extra protection. This is a non-contact sparring environment.
Item Image Description
Head Gear Image of head gear. Foam head gear, optionally have a face shield.
Hand Pads Image of hand pads. Foam hand pads that cover the knuckles.
Feet Pads Image of feet pads. Foam foot pad that covers the entire foot.
Groin Protection Image of groin protection. Required for men.
Mouth Gaurd Image of mouth gaurd. Plastic mouth gaurd.
Shin Pads (optional) Image of shin pads. Foam shin pads to fit just above the foot pad.

Sparring Gear Supply Store

The Rising Sun is located off of Cleveland and Marshall avenue in St. Paul. They have all the required sparring gear and uniforms that are required for Soo Bahk Do. Lapel trimming is available upon request. Our school has been doing business with them for years.
Rising Sun Martial Arts Supply