School Patch
Dare Do Believe

Soo Bahk Do

The Martial Art We Study.

Red and Blue Circle (Um/Yang)

Harmony & Balance with yourself, others and your opponent. Opposites working together in harmony, this is a natural law.


From the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Find the limitless You, do your best. Learn and Apply Love, Giving and Kindness. Help others & trust your instructor.


This means Be all you can Be! Be your true self.....Here/Now. Live in the present, learn from the past, and apply in the future with hope.

History of Our School Patch

Sometime after 1982, Kyo Sa Nim Jeff Goodwin developed a patch that he felt best represented his school at the time. He based his idea on his interpretation of the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull. His philosophy was consistent with that of the book. The patch has changed at least three times since its original creation. The intent of the patch is to be Free and Limitless. Soo Bahk Do is the foundation. Our school carries on the tradition and philosophy. In 2006 a new visual symbol of what Sa Bom Nim Jack Kelly felt best represented his school/art evolved. The content of the new school patch comes from Sa Bom Nim Jack Kelly. The actual patch design evolved from a few of his students. Sa Bom Nim Kelly feels that leadership is an important part of training in Soo Bahk Do and that is an area he has been very focused on in the last several years

Jonathon Livingston Seagull


Stage 1: Vision. He begins his journey. He has a Dream.
Stage 2: Dare to Dream. He asks a question…..about flying. He had drive, motivation.
Stage 3: Journey into the self. It’s a lonely journey because of feelings of “just me”. Many will reject you because they are afraid. This is why it is important to have support from others, especially from those who have been there. Take a deep look at your self. Believe in yourself. Believe in your ability to make your dream come true. Self-discovery. This takes courage.
Stage 4: Self-discovery. Transformation, understanding of self, enlightenment.
Stage 5: Self-expression. Fly! Practice! BE! Find limits and challenge them! Wow! New limits!
Stage 6: BE! Teach “it”. Lead. Find new limits. Keep learning.


Dream – Based on a vision
Believe- Confidence the dream can be real
Dare – Challenge yourself to go after your dream
Do – BE a leader and take action – Action Philosophy